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Dec 6, 2012 5:30pm EST
,.../ contraccors.... to the city.../. services... - fox 45... hhs... pearned... city inspector... mclintoff.../ requested ... dozenn of invoices... for contractors ... workkng ...or the ayor.../ it'ss.. the... same office... that sparked a war of words... between the mayor... and... city comptroller... about... wasteful spending... on baltimore's... tonight... an... advocate for minority businesses.../ says... a... √°brooder√°... dollars being wasted, and ayer - for the law."ithout regards - law." tth... report ...releasee ... this year... on spending... in the mayor's - office of technology..../ tte... office... declined to comment... oo the current investigation you see government waste.. - hotline.. 410-662-1456. or... go to fox- baltimore dot com...///. you... can read... about a mulli-billion dollar... homeland sscuritt grant .... hat's... beenggused... to 13- snowcone... machines... 3two homes... remain... condemned .../ in... the... butcherr hill in... downtown baltimmre...///. paul gessler... officials....abouu their it's been more than two weeks since those two homes n madeira strr
Dec 31, 2012 5:30pm EST
city.... and new york into installiig fencing along meanwhile, the state of &pponnecttccu could soon be slaaped with aa 00-mmllion- tt provide a safe setting for sttdents..rvinggpinsky is seeking damages on behalf of a ccnversations overrtheeg nd iq: "the whole thing came on over tte intercom, down to the bang bang and her friends are dead, and that's trauma..... tthnk that's a leap of logic that i could never even immgine" pinsky says the priiicipal and school teachers should have been armed with high-graae and a major annoonnement from kim kardashiann... the tv star is exppctingg ee first child her boyfriend anye west broke the news ttis morning at a show in atlantic city. karrashian is still legally humpries... even though she filed for divorce in october of 2011.west and kaadashian have been toggther for 8 months. 3- ii you don'tthhve plans to ring in the new year yet... we have a great option for yoo. there's a big party hhapening in las vegas anddyou can see ii all right here on fox45. candace dold is ere with the it's called "fox's new year's eve live " and it will be hel
Dec 28, 2012 5:30pm EST
... gun violence...//. one... is... the gun owner... privacy act,.../ criminal ... gun control act..../ and... the... capittl punishment... for... mass murddrs actt...// is... also ... - pushing... for... stricter arole... for... violators. baltimore city are done by - people who are on parole with pgns so what my billldoes its ssys that if you commit a crime with a gunnand youugo to jail yyu can't have parole you circumstances." rly under any - the next 3anuary ninth.ssion begins on - breaking news ffom morgan state university.the school's itsslf and voted to renew the contract of univvrsity earlier this month the board &pwiison'' contract.but after proteess from students and hold a mmeting today to get &pone student had to say before today's meeting. 33:11"we ealll just want answers, we want to find out why. we as a tudent body have a duty to find out what's going on." on." hhre's no official yet on why theeboard changee its vote and renewwd the contract today. the nation's leeders have just four days to reach a deal to avoii the fiical cliff.... hiih would mean automatic tax inc
Dec 18, 2012 5:30pm EST
(cover) 11:52:31 "it meens a 3 how are the rrads looking tonight? tonighh?brandi proctor has our traffic edge report. report. -3& 3 mapgreenspring 3 liberryshawan3 map 3 395 3 3 a baltimore city sccool takes peaddng to a new level. level. &p3 state-of-the-art techhollgy is being infused into the ben carson reading roommat gwynns falls elementary schooll studenns now have accss to ipads, -readees and an inneeactivv hiteboard. cctyy couucilman nick mossy helpedd rededicate the readinn room.... &paad encouraged kids to dream &ppii. "iq: this reading rogram.... oq:at your young age." age." 3 3 dr ben ccrsonnii a world & from balitmore... so far, he's helpee creatt 85 reading & rooms in 12 states. 3 hundrrds of packages... left pn he side f the road..why a -3 fed ex driver ssys he dumped - 3 p mental health.. and gun control. how calls for ssricter ackground ccecks --3 pould actually expose private -& informatton. &p3 3 --adblib weather tz--- - 3 & 3 speaker boohnee proposes a new debt deal he's caaling "plann b" with juss days left until everyonn's taxes go up. up. the latest republican - pl
Dec 17, 2012 5:30pm EST
a stabbing inside a school in balitmore city. city. . t hhppeneddat - pree iddle school on centrall avenue. chhol officials say a women did not follow ppopee protoooo after enteeing thh & school. the admmnnstrator sufferrd ccts to his hand ndd was senn to tte hospital..the woman was arrested. 3&p "tte kids need more's craayy! p,33 the school was in emergency lockdown duriig the incident. no students weee injured.. sourres ell us the 21 year -3 old oman aa ttempting to -3 deliver a urprise birthday 3 people everywhere are showing their concern for the families ann victims oo friiayy evastating school massacre....especcallyyhhre in baltimore. baltimore. instead of their annual holiday -3 gathering... students at the university school of social work deecded to do a card-making party tt express their sympatty to the families & f sanny hook. "rather than sitting back ann doing nothing about it i thought that this woull be a good way to ring people together for a common cauue that everyone was tuch by." by." dozens of 3 give their words of & encouragement. p3 it was a big day at st. joseph & medicalccnter...where -&&pbaltimore's archbiihophelpedd ceeebrate aahuge &&ptran
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5